Refinding Faith: Preface

When I first came to grips with my transgender identity almost a year ago, I immediately began to wrestle openly with how this intersected with my deeply held faith in Christ. This was before we had separated and my wife also issued a challenge, questioning whether I could be both Christian and Transgender.

Being me (masculine or feminine), I did the only thing I really knew to do and I started writing. I reaffirmed my faith, I began to study scripture as it relates to gender identity and to analyze church culture in light of what I was learning.  The final result was around 17 pages of rambling that proved to be a good start as I pressed forward.

I’ve debated posting the whole paper here, but seeing as it is pretty rough around the edges, I’ve decided to break it into pieces, allowing me to refine and update my thoughts as I post them. I’ll be posting those in a series I’m calling “Refinding Faith”.

Some of those posts will include discussions of specific scriptures that are often cited on either side of the gender debates.  (I love to study scripture as much as I love to read it in a more devotional sense.)  Some posts will look more at church culture and recent history. The first post is the introduction I wrote a year ago – pretty much unedited. 

Ultimately, this is really the reason I started the blog and I’m excited to start digging deeper!

(If you have any passages in mind you would like to see on the blog, please send them via the Q&A page.)

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